Sunday, January 30, 2011

Allegory: architecture for an America with a conceptual economy

New York Times Magazine 30 January 2011: 25
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Pieter Brueghel, Luxuria
"Sensuality weakens men's sinews and unmans their limbs."


Sarah Sarai said...

. . . a home where everything has been thought of . . .
No poets or philosophers there.

"Starting in the mid $3 millions" is an insult, as if we have to buy our way into hell. I shall do it the old fashioned way and earn passage on my own lack of merit.

Jonathan Morse said...

Correction, February 8: in my original posting, I misread the Latin artus (limbs) as artes (arts). The correct translation above makes more logical sense, even if it isn't quite as applicable to architecture in the hedge fund era.

Jonathan Morse said...
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Jonathan Morse said...

On third thought, it occurs to me that there is a poignancy to thinking of sinewy strength dissipating in the hedge fund era, when both art and its generating body have become mere epiphenomena and mind has become nothing more than a ghostly math game played inside a computer, by a computer.